3D Components

Let us turn your 2D drawing, sketch or scribble into a perfectly rendered 3D component.  This not only makes in easier for your associates to understand your new ideas, but it also helps you to check out your design properly before you go to the trouble and expense of making a prototype.

We can also model all your products or catalogue of parts, that way you can share them easily via email in minutes. All our models can be rendered with any texture and colour you can imagine, including your own photograph of your own particular favourite.

All our components can be produced in AutoCAD 3D and Sketchup 3D.  Sketchup components can be uploaded to the Trimble/Google 3D warehouse, this is the worlds largest repository of 3D content containing thousands of Sketchup components which are available for free download to all other Sketchup users.  Having your products available here could mean that they are specified for a new project at the earliest possible stage, this can give you a huge advantage over other suppliers.

Dynamic Components

Trimble Sketchup Dynamic Components makes it possible for all of your products to be made available in one convenient dynamic component. This allows the user to access all of your products quickly from an interface inside the drawing view, meaning more of your components will be added to the model. Descriptions, colours, textures, sizes etc can all be added to inform the user and help him chose the right product.  Pricing details can also be added, which can be exported either as a costing spreadsheet or with other information about the model to other BIM (Building Information Modelling) systems.